"The Doctor of the future will not rely on medications, but the body itself to heal."

-Thomas Edison

Dr. Loren Hager is a chiropractic physician and applied clinical nutritionist (ACN). She focuses
on the whole patient to help them find better health and vitality. Dr. Hager works with people who
struggle with hormonal issues, fatigue, sleep problems, weight issues, fertility and sex-drive
issues, and other chronic health problems to find relief and better health.

Our mission at Hager Health and Natural Wellness Center is to partner with our patients to
educate, inspire and be inspired so that our patients can lead a natural and healthy lifestyle and
enjoy life to its fullest.

Our purpose is to connect with the families of Fairfield and the surrounding area to guide, enable
and educate them about the benefits of living a holistic, natural lifestyle without the intervention of
pharmaceuticals and their associated risks. We desire to create a community of like-minded
people who are inspired and empowered to educate and guide others to the benefits of
chiropractic care.
To make an appointment or to contact Dr.
Hager please email
or call/text (203) 665-8760
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